Mister Eco


Delivery for businesses and consumer groups

Making several deliveries at the same place makes a big difference to us: we make fewer trips, we save time, fuel consumption is reduced, in a few words we manage to save money. At Mister Eco these savings can occur thanks to your capacity to organize yourself and it directly affects the price of your purchases: we save time and money and you as well. When you reach five members we will apply a 10% discount on the unit price of each basket of fruits, vegetables or mixed ones. As the group increases, Mister Eco will consider applying yourselves more discounts or promotions, we want you to be rewarded for your efforts.

Any member of Mister Eco can create a consumer group, it is like managing a single account (name, password, date, time slot) with two minor differences. First, the group consists of several members (the administrator can accept other members of Mister Eco in the consumer group) and secondly there is no bank details. Being an administrator does not mean that you have to pay the bill! Each member will make his purchase following the usual steps and when confirming you will have the option to purchase as an individual (personal delivery address) or through the consumer group (delivery address of the consumer group). Once you have selected your option, payment of your order will be made with your credit card. It's that simple!


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