Mister Eco


Cal Valls.

Family-run company which has been dedicating to organic agricultural production for more than 20 years and the production of organic products produced in the province of Lleida.


Es Verger.

Es Verger winery is located in a quiet and  beautiful environment, in the Serra de Tramuntana, at an altitude of 450 meters in the municipality of  Esporles. Small and organic family business whose dedication has been recognized by several awards at a national and international level.


Coop "Virgen de la Esperanza"

Cooperative of more than 160 rice producers located on the banks of the rivers Segura and Mundo, between Murcia and Albacete. They do their traditional and internationally recognized  rice work in a privileged mountain setting.



Its experience in handmade honey production comes from three generations of bee keepers, native bees and a privileged environment located in Alcarria, between Guadalajara and Cuenca. This combination  results in an exceptional organic top quality honey with guarantee of origin

Son Boira.

The farm Son Boira  is located in Llubí, it has many types of animals, including 750 hens. They are all very fortunate because they enjoy a healthy life without chemicals, artificial lights or cages, with a balanced and organic diet and receiving at all times the best  care of their owners

La Luna.

Located in the Valley of Sóller, there is a small  sobrasada factory, the oldest of Majorca, with over 110 years of tradition. The production of its products are made by hand, using traditional recipes and top quality raw materials



History, culture, nature and tradition typical of  Majorca are mixed day by day at the Binicomprat´s  Possesió (Majorcan farm), one of the oldest in Majorca.



In the countryside at the bottom of the Sierra de Gredos, Biobardales´ pigs are raised in open corrals. Fed only with grains and  legumes from organic farming that are ground and mixed in its stone mill. Using a slow raising method   results in a meat with a taste of the past.
Peppers, garlic, salt and spices used in their  products are also organic.

Herbes i sal d´en Miquel.

In Herbes i sal de'n  Miquel all plants are grown in an organically and controlled way in the south of the island of Majorca (Felanitx). Harvesting, drying and packing take place in the same farm so that the product retains all its properties



Ribes family has been working in the olive world  since 1924 in their farm located in Beniardá (Alicante). Nowadays, it is the fourth generation which takes care of the olive cultivation, production and marketing of some oils which are recognized worldwide for their tastes.

Fet a Sóller.

In the valley of Sóller (Majorca), a project was created to combine trade of products, which have grown on their land for generations, with environmental sustainability and protection of the landscape that surrounds them, Fet a Soller (Done in Soller) was born. Today there are several companies part of the project, generating dozens of jobs and protecting their traditions and the environment.

Castagno Bruno.

Castagno family, Maria and Bruno, decided in the 70's to devote their life to organic products. They started their business in the Sangone Valley (Piamonte) and today we could define them as the entrepreneurial model to follow, constantly adapting to changing times  and transmitting their passion and enthusiasm to new generations.

Algendaret Nou.

Algendaret Nou is a family farm business. Founded in 1973, it dedicates to the production of cow milk´s cheese from local breed of Menorca

Son Jover.

In a privileged location in the foothills of the Puig of Santa Magdalena (Inca), Son Jover is a farm organically managed by  Majorcan farmers for four generations . Its Majorcan´s  red  sheep are fed  with its own organic flock to produce a raw  milk cheese cured for at least two months.

Sa Casa Pagesa

Located in the road to Valldemossa,  Sa casa Pagesa   is dedicated to the organic production of vegetables, fruits and meat, mainly local varieties.

Sa Teulera

Located in the road to Manacor- Petra,  Sa teulera, since 1990,  is a reference of good practice, evolution and adaptation of  organic  farming in our islands, They produce fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy and more!

Es Molí de Sant Antoni

El Molí de Sant Antoni is doing a extraordinary work to recover the ancient wheats almost extinct of  our islands. In that way they protect agricultural genetic heritage and we also can enjoy  delicious, non manipulated  and more digestive flours. Additionally they produce lentils and chickpeas

Cooperativa Agrícola de Sóller

Since 1899 the Agricultural Cooperative of Sóller, Sant Bartomeu, has focused on agricultural activities and the preservation of the natural environment  of the Valley.  citrus fruits, olive oils and other  products of  these lands are highly appreciated for their excellent quality

Son Palou

Son Palou is a place with history. It was an old flour mill  of the  XIX century. Was one of the orchards that supplied the markets of Palma. For a long time inactive, the family initiative has placed it back on activity. On their land there are 2000 orange trees, citrus trees, fig trees, peach trees and orchads
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